About the Journal

With the increasing dependence of society on energy, from the perspective of sustainable development, energy storage and conversion technology and its application have become increasingly urgent. Energy Storage and Conversion (ESC) is an open access peer-reviewed journal, and focuses on the energy storage and conversion of various energy source. As a clean energy, thermal energy, water energy, wind energy, ammonia energy, etc., has become a key research direction of the international community, and the research of energy storage system has been extended to the field of energy conversion applications. Solar cells, for example, have made significant progress in efficiently harvesting solar energy and efficiently converting various fuels into electricity. Scopes of the Journal include, but are not limited to:

  • The theory and application of new energy;
  • The equipment and applications of energy storage;
  • Research on the utilization of renewable energy sources;
  • Conversion equipment, process, materials, and technology research;
  • Multi-energy storage and conversion combination, integration and other solutions;
  • Reliability, safety and performance analysis of energy management systems, etc.