Section Collections

Olha Kuzmenko,
avionics, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, aviation technology, engineering, aircraft design, STEM, training operators of complex systems, education, physics.
Submission deadline: 2025-01-31
Dr. Ephrem Girma,
BIM, virtual model, financial risk, real-time collaboration, multidimensional model.
Submission deadline: 2024-11-21
Bih-Chuan Lin,Dr. Chhinder Kaur Dhaliwal,
Urban Science ,Real Estate , Urban Planning ,Spatial Analysis ,Housing Affordability and Residential preferences 6, Urban Development ,Market Dynamics, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) ,Land Use Planning , Sustainable Cities
Submission deadline: 2024-11-16
Prof. Thebti, Oussema,Dr. Neelamadhab Padhy,Dr. Manouchehr Sanei,
Computational Structural Analysis , Finite Element Method , Structural Optimization ,Numerical Modeling ,Computational Mechanics ,Simulation Techniques,Structural Health Monitoring,Advanced Materials,Parametric Design ,High-Performance Computing
Submission deadline: 2024-11-16
Prof. Dr. Roman Fediuk,Prof. Dr. Sergey Klyuyev,Prof. Dr. Aleksandr Kolesnikov,Dr Ihtisham Islam,Dr. Sajjad Ali Mangi,
building; materials; repair
Submission deadline: 2024-10-15
Irfan Ahmed Memon,
Transportation 、Transit Urban mobility、 Transportation network 、Transportation mode、 Transportation technology、 Transportation planning 、Transportation analysis 、Transportation optimization 、Transportation innovation 、Intelligent 、Transportation 、System (ITS) Park and Ride (P&R)、 Walkability 、Pedestrian Safety
Submission deadline: 2024-10-06
Associate Professor Dr. Fayaz Hussain,Dr Zeinab A.Elhassan ,Dr. Hermawan, ST, MM, MT
5.Building Energy; Indoor Environment; Sustainable Living; Human Well-being; Renewable Energy Integration; Thermal Comfort; Resilient Design; Resilient Design
Submission deadline: 2024-09-25
Dr. Rebecca Alowo,Mr. Islambek Saymanov,
water reticulation design, water engineering ,water resource management
Submission deadline: 2024-09-08
Dr. Mohammad Taghipour,Prof. Hao-Chiang Koong Lin,Prof. Yu-Hsuan Lin,Dr. Atiya Al-Zuheri,Dr. VE Jayanthi ,
Sustainable design, reducing environmental damage, energy sources, renewable energy, energy efficiency.
Submission deadline: 2024-09-04
Prof. Carlos Oliveira Cruz,Dr. Mohammad Taghipour,Dr Emmanuel I. Daniel,Sukhorukov Arkadii,Mohammad Khalilzadeh ,Yin Junjia,
artificial intelligence; digitalization; project management; cost and schedule modelling; delivery models; financing models
Submission deadline: 2024-08-31