Digital transformation of quality management in the construction industry during the execution phase by integration of building information modeling (BIM) and cloud computing

  • Mohamed Shaban Department of Engineering and Construction Management, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Al-Baath University, Homs 96331, Syria
  • Bassel Al-Hassan Department of Engineering and Construction Management, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Hama, Hama 96333, Syria
  • Alaa Shekh Mohamad Department of Engineering and Construction Management, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Al-Baath University, Homs 96331, Syria
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Keywords: construction projects; quality management; digital quality management; quality control; building information modeling (BIM); cloud computing


The quality of construction projects significantly impacts social and economic development. However, low quality and project failure often result from factors such as lack of quality procedures, poor communication, task coordination, and inefficient progress monitoring. This research aims to improve the efficiency of the construction phase by creating quality control checklists for processes and enhancing quality management through a collaborative digital environment integrating building information modeling (BIM) and cloud computing. Expert constructive interviews were first conducted to define a construction process quality control procedure to be linked to the 3DBIM model and then transition to a collaborative cloud environment (Autodesk Construction Cloud). An actual instance in Latakia City (Syria) demonstrated that the proposed methodology improves the efficiency and effectiveness of quality management during the implementation phase. It does so by offering a robust database, enhancing on-site quality information extraction from BIM models using smartphones, documenting defects and entering inspection data directly into a shared digital environment, and making it easier to track corrective actions and feedback. This facilitates constant and organized access to current data, reducing errors and rework, saving money and time, and enhancing decision-making speed and effectiveness. The search recommends the necessity of strict laws to adhere to quality procedures and the importance of providing infrastructure for digital transformation in quality management.


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