Section Collections

Dr. C. Balaji Ayyanar, Prof. Y. Prashanthi, Dr. Naveen Kumar
Polymer Composites; Sandwich Composites; Bio Composites; Bio Membrane; Thin Film; Drug Delivery; Drug kinetics; Structural Characterizations; Mechanical Characterizations; In-vitro Characterizations & In-vivo Characterizations; Develomemt denture; Development Molding Machine; FEA
Submission deadline: 2024-12-31
Dr. Ng Law Yong, Dr. Pondala Seetha Ram, Prof.Yashwanth Pamu
Biodegradable material; Eco-fiendly material; sustainable source; Material analysis; Environmental friendly; Thin film; Life cycle assessment; Material costing; Material recycling
Submission deadline: 2024-12-31
Dr. Tamoghna Bhattacharyya, Dr. Sarang Pande, Prof. Wanderson Melo, Prof. Rabab Kamel
Nanobiotechnology; Biomaterials; Bio-inert third generation materials; Nanomedicine; Theranostics
Submission deadline: 2024-12-31
Prof. T.Hannah Clara
Ceramic materials; Low dimensional systems; Theoretical and experimental studies; Characterization techniques; Industial and biomedical applications; Waste management; Design considerations with modelling and simulations
Submission deadline: 2024-12-31
Prof. Mostafa Omidi Bidgoli, Dr. Pradip Sarawade, Dr. S. Vigneshwaran, Dr. N. Karthikeyan
Mechanics of materials; Application of functionally graded materials; Material properties; Optimization of structures and equipment
Submission deadline: 2024-12-31
Prof. Mohd Azli Salim
Electronic Materials; semiconductors; magnetic materials; optical materials; inorganic; organic; computer chips; optical devices; microelectronics
Submission deadline: 2023-12-20
Dr. Jin Wang
3D printing/additive manufacturing; Fiber-reinforced composites; Hierarchical/porous structures; Functional structures; Advanced processing technology; Collapse mechanisms and modeling; Multiscale; Lightweight
Submission deadline: 2024-01-20




Prof. Syed Ahmed Shah
Smart biomaterials; Stimuli-responsive hydrogels; Tissue engineering; Drug delivery; Nanotechnology; Bioactive polymers; Biomimetic materials; Theranostics; Controlled release; 3D printing
Submission deadline: 2024-01-30
Dr. Anand Kumar Yadav
Porosity; Porous Nanofibers; Parous composites; Nanotechnology; porous biomaterials; Porous multifunctional materials
Submission deadline: 2023-12-20
Dr. Syed Ahmed Shah, Prof. Sushant Rawal, Prof. Mojtaba Esmailzadeh, Prof. Anand Kumar Yadav, Prof. Dolat  Khan, Prof. Sabarison Pandiyarajan
Nanomaterials; Nanotechnology; Nanocomposites; Biomaterials; Nanomedicine; Drug delivery; Bioactive polymers; Multifunctional materials
Submission deadline: 2023-12-20
Prof. Vitalii Nitsenko, Prof. Zhenhua Chu, Prof. Anle Mu, Prof. Sajid Rauf
Energy efficiency; nanotechnology; energy materials; battery systems; heat pumps; renewable energy sources; bioenergy; energy properties modeling; energy saving
Submission deadline: 2023-12-20
Prof. Sushant Rawal, Prof Dipti Ranjan Sahu, Prof. Maiyong Zhu, Prof. Mohd Azli Salim
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM); Characterization by Microscopy; X-ray Diffraction (XRD); Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM); Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA); Material Characterization; Mechanical Testing and Characterization; Materials Characterization for Energy Applications; Materials Characterization for Biomedical Applications; Characterization of Nanomaterials
Submission deadline: 2023-12-20
Prof. Muhammad Jamil, Dr. Rashid Ali Laghari, Dr. Aqib Mashood Khan, Prof. Murali Mohan Cheepu
MQL; Cryogenic; hybrid lubri-cooling; energy consumption; machinability; cleaner production; sustainable manufacturing
Submission deadline: 2023-12-20