• Vol. 2 No. 1 (2024)

    The interdisciplinary nature of mathematical research and its association with diverse fields is a topic of great interest in the field. In this issue, we aim to provide valuable insights into the innovative intersections of mathematics with real-world applications, showcasing the versatility and impactful nature of mathematical research. Spanning domains such as quantum mechanics, music theory, pattern recognition, data analysis, and nonlinear equations, this issue seeks to explore the diverse applications of mathematical principles. We trust that this collection of papers will offer readers a deeper appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of mathematical research and its potential to drive meaningful advancements across a variety of fields.

  • Vol. 1 No. 4 (2023)

    The field of mathematical research is characterized by its diverse and extensive scope, encompassing pure mathematical conjectures and applied models in data science and ecology, thereby highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of applied mathematics research. In this issue, we aim to provide a captivating exploration of applied mathematics from multiple perspectives. By advancing earlier mathematical theories, confirming classical mathematical conjectures, and developing mathematical models to address common real-world scenarios, this issue promises to offer readers valuable insights and information, contributing to the ongoing discourse in applied mathematics.

  • Vol. 1 No. 3 (2023)

    Applied mathematics plays an important role in ecological research by providing quantitative tools to model, analyze, and understand complex ecological systems. The interdisciplinary nature of applied mathematics in ecological research allows for a deeper understanding of the intricate relationships within ecosystems and aids in addressing pressing environmental challenges. In this issue, we delved into the intersection of applied mathematics and ecology through various research papers. We aim to offer valuable insights into the application of mathematical principles in understanding ecological phenomena.

  • Vol. 1 No. 2 (2023)

    The role of mathematical models and techniques is paramount in various industries, including finance, medicine, and social concerns, leading to novel perspectives on mathematical studies. This issue aims to integrate mathematics with fields such as statistics and physics, encompassing topics such as numerical methods, differential equations, fuzzy information, optimization, regression analysis, epidemic modeling, gravitational redshift, material science, financial market prediction, and gyroscopic effects. It provides scholars with an ideal platform to engage with valuable insights into the latest developments in mathematical research.

  • Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023)

    Applied mathematics plays a crucial role in solving real-world problems by providing quantitative and analytical tools to address complex challenges across various fields. In the first issue of our journal, we aim to explore how applied mathematics contributes to problem-solving and the discovery of underlying principles in diverse areas, including aerospace engineering, music analysis, safety management, stress management, mathematical physics, mining, and finance. Through this exploration, we aim to provide our readers with novel insights into how the application of mathematics offers a systematic and rigorous approach to tackling practical issues and driving progress.