Techno-Pedagogical Competency among teachers in relation to their attitude towards teaching

  • Deepika Chauhan Royal Institute of Science and Management, Sector-95, Gurgaon, Haryana 122505, India
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Keywords: Techno-Pedagogy; attitude; teachers; future classroom; Gurgaon District


The purpose of this study is to determining the Techno-Pedagogical Competency and attitude towards teaching of teachers from selected colleges in Gurgaon District. A normative survey method was adopted in this stage. A sample of 190 teachers were selected from various colleges. The study found that the level of Techno-Pedagogical Competency and the teachers’ possessed a favourable attitude towards teaching. Further, it was found that there exists significant difference in Techno-Pedagogical Competency and attitude towards teaching mean score among teachers with respect to gender, locality, teaching experience and type of institutions. Further, it can be revealed that there was a significant positive correlation between Techno-Pedagogical Competency and attitude towards teaching. Overall, this study provides valuable insights into the current state of Techno-Pedagogical Competency and attitude towards teaching among teachers in Gurgaon District. The findings suggest that the teachers in the region have a good grasp of using technology for pedagogical purposes and hold a positive outlook towards their teaching profession. The results also highlight the importance of considering demographic factors when analyzing teachers’ competency and attitude.


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