Simulations of the operation of the fast light innovative regional train from “Serbian Railways” in traction and electric braking mode

  • Branislav Gavrilovic Department: Railway College, Academy of Tehnical and Art Applied Studies Belgrade, Zdravka Celara 14, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
  • Vladimir Aleksandrovich Baboshin Department of Reconstruction of Automation, Telemechanics and Communication Devices on Railways, Military Institute (Railway Troops and Military Communications), 190000 Sankt Peterburg, Russia
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Keywords: simulations; electric multiple unit; Serbian Railways


In the paper, the MATLAB-Simulink model of simulation of operation of the fast light innovative regional train from “Serbian Railways” in traction and braking mode is exposed where changes are observed: stator currents of three-phase traction motors, traction electric motor speeds and electric multiple unit, electromagnetic torque on the rotor shaft of the traction electric motor and diirect current bus voltage. The model allowed review of the listed parameters for: different allowed values of contact network voltage and total voltage distortion at the place of connection of the electric multiple unit to the contact network, different mechanical loads of electric multiple unit and traction electric motor and different train speeds and rotation of traction electric motors. Appropriate conclusions were made through the analysis of the simulation results obtained.


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