A review on Co3O4 nanostructures as the electrodes of supercapacitors

  • Samatha Kelathaya Department of Physics, Mangalore Institute of Technology and Engineering (MITE), Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
  • Raghavendra Sagar Department of Physics, Mangalore Institute of Technology and Engineering (MITE), Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
Keywords: cobalt oxide, morphological structure, specific capacitance, energy density, power density


Usage of supercapacitors in energy storage applications has now become a new trend due to its high auspicious features. Introduction of pseudocapacitance has increased its weightage to be used in greater number of practical utilization. Electrodes are the major constituents of a supercapacitor based on which the electrochemical performance of the supercapacitor is decided. Among varieties of electrode materials available, transition metal oxides are the most suitable ones to fulfill the required its criteria. Due to the occurrence of faradic redox reactions on the surface of electrodes, selection of efficient and favorable electrode material plays major role. Co3O4 (Cobalt (III) oxide) is one among the most desiring electrode materials due to its various peculiar features. This paper reviews briefly on several factors of Co3O4 as electrode material in supercapacitor applications. It includes comparative discussions towards different synthesize methodologies, influence of its dimensional morphology on the electrochemical outputs like specific capacitance, energy density and the power density.


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