Errata & Withdrawal Policy


All publisher-introduced changes are highlighted to the author at the proof stage and any errors are ideally identified by the author and corrected by the publisher before final publication. Any errors in published articles are discovered by readers, authors, editors, etc., please contact the journal editor. Academic Publishing will only instigate a corrigendum to a published article after receiving approval and instructions from the editor.


Generally, once an author submits a manuscript and it enters the peer-review process, the publisher does not allow the author to withdraw the manuscript unless there are ethical challenges to publication. If you decide to withdraw your manuscript after it has been accepted (but not yet published), some processing fee issued chargeable upon withdrawal.


In general, articles involving issues of academic ethics will be initiated for retraction by the publisher and all authors and institutions will be notified. Readers and editors should contact the editorial office as soon as they can prove that the article has academic ethics, including but not limited to falsification, fabrication, and plagiarism.