Ethical Oversight

The Publisher strictly adhere to the Core Practices and Ethical Oversight of COPE, Editor-in-Chief will supervise the entire publication process and ensure the scientific integrity and impartiality. Articles must be published with the authorization of all the authors. If the subject is human, informed consent must be obtained and he/she must understand the consequences and implications of the publication released. Authors should protect the subject’s privacy, and the personally identifiable information should be hidden. If information such as the face is necessary for the interpretation of the results, authors should explain to the subject and his/her consent should be obtained. If the subject is vulnerable populations, the oral or written informed consent from their guardians or relatives is necessary.

For trials involving human or animal subjects, authors must strictly adhere to the moral and ethical guides of the Ethical Committee, and provide the granting identifier at the submission stage. If the granting identifier is missing, please explain to the editor.

All the information of authors is privacy, and it will be removed for the further peer review process, and it is only for normal publishing needs other than business marketing practices, and of course, must not be leaked to third parties.