Chasing an impossible dream (First examples of literature on the area of Montenegro)

  • Vukota Vukotic National Archive of Montenegro
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Keywords: Praevalitana, early Middle Ages, Doclea, literature, Montenegro


So little attention modern science in Montenegro gives to the problem of our oldest literature. Actually, we never know or exploit those boundaries. Our goal is to be objective and study the facts about the earliest form of literature in ancient province of Praevalitana, today Montenegro. Modern Montenegrin historiography attaches the beginning of literature for the novel of Andreacci from year 809 AD. That means that in one great period of time, more than half of millennium, we have no traces of written word in this area. For same period of time, we attach the foundation of antic town of Doclea, Roman government, creation of Praevalitana province, but also and start of Christianity, lack of traces of written words, seems impossible. Remains of material culture from the period of late antiquity, tell us about very developed culture, so our opinion is that we can say the same thing for literature.


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