Special Issues

 the relation between religion and poverty, the relation between race and poverty, the role of religion and race in the socio-economic status, the role of religious and ethnic organizations in the fight against anti-poverty, how do people of different religions and races see themselves in society, etc.

Submission deadline: 2023-08-26

criticism of welfare economics, negative effects of welfare, pros and cons of a welfare state, criticism of policies in rich countries, conservative criticism of welfare projects, etc.

Submission deadline: 2023-08-26

food programs, medical programs, education programs, infant programs, family tax policies, etc.

Submission deadline: 2023-08-26

the risk factors associated with children and adolescent poverty, the protective factors of children and adolescent poverty, key income assistance, income maintenance policies for children and families, education policies for children in poverty, etc.

Submission deadline: 2023-08-25