Journal of Policy and Society

Section Collections
Dr. Muhammad Rafiq,
5.Innovative Policy Design; Technological Advancements in Governance; Interdisciplinary Policy Studies; Sustainability and Policy; Digital Transformation in Policymaking; Inclusive Growth and Policy Innovation; Global Challenges and Policy Responses; Adaptive Policy Frameworks; Resilience in Policy Development; Evidence-Based Policy Recommendations
Submission deadline: 2024-06-30
Asst.Prof.Dr Murad Bein ,
5. Green development; Sustainable Finance; Decarbonization; Renewable energy; Climate change; Carbon capture and storage; Technology innovations and net zero emission.
Submission deadline: 2024-12-30
Dr. Qiang He,Denis Silva da Silveira,
Social Systems; Cultural Practices; Organizational Frameworks; Cultural Anthropology; Interpersonal Dynamics; Social Institutions; Social Stratification; Technological Impact; Contemporary Society; Human Interaction
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
Dr.Vilelmine Carayanni,
Quantitative Data analysis; healthcare systems; health determinants; health and safety; organization and financing; health tourism; pandemics; health and safety
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
Reima Suomi,Turek Rahoveanu Maria Magdalena,
Infrastructure; Sustainability; Infrastructure Design; Infrastructure Building; Infrastructure Maintaining; Infrastructure Maintenance; Societal Impact, Impact on Individuals and Businesses; Infrastructure Divide
Submission deadline: 2024-09-29