A scoping review of COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy in dental health care workers

  • Alice He Faculty of Medicine and Health, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney
  • Eamon Yu Faculty of Medicine and Health, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney
  • Lisa Liu Faculty of Medicine and Health, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney
  • Woody Wu Faculty of Medicine and Health, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney
  • Rohan Rodricks Faculty of Medicine and Health, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney; Oral Restorative Sciences, Division of Oral Health, Western Sydney Local Health District
  • Constance Law Faculty of Medicine and Health, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney; Oral Restorative Sciences, Division of Oral Health, Western Sydney Local Health District
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Keywords: COVID-19, vaccine, hesitancy, dental health care workers


Vaccine hesitancy amongst dental health care workers (DHCW) remains a concern due to the high risk of exposure to COVID-19 and the prolonged duration of aerosol-generating dental treatments. Ubiquitous acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines is critical for achieving herd immunity to combat this pandemic. This study aims to explore the individual, interpersonal and organizational factors contributing to vaccine hesitancy in dental professionals which may assist in the development of educational programs directed at enhancing vaccine acceptance. A total of 112 papers were identified of which 23 were deemed to be suitable. The socioeconomic model was employed as a framework to evaluate the contributing factors for vaccine hesitancy. Concerns over vaccine safety, lack of information, social media, socio-economic status and trust in governmental and pharmaceutical organizations were perpetuating reasons for vaccine hesitancy. The findings of this review highlight the importance of evidence-based vaccine education programs targeted at enhancing the knowledge surrounding COVID-19 vaccines which would assist in eradicating vaccine hesitancy within the dental community. This in turn has crucial implications in promoting vaccine acceptance within the general population.


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